by SJ

Happy New Year!

In 2014 I have made so many good discoveries of Christ-ExaltingGod-Glorifying artists. I just wanted to share firstly my favourite rapper, and secondly my favourite worship group. I seriously love both of them and I recommend both whether you are religious, into rap, into worship or whatever. Check them out you never know!

I would like to thank mainly The Good Christian Music Blog for all of their suggestions. Like 90% of the artists I have found came from their youtube channel just like the two I will present. If my tastes are not to your liking they have a wide variety of genres from bossa nova to dubstep, indie to gospel and everything in between. My favourite genre will probably be hymns because the remixes are simply amazing. A lot of times keeping to the same melody and rhythm, but these timeless lyrics are accompanied with a refreshing modern twist.


Source: Definition Radio

JGivens (@pray4jgivens)

I would like to say that I would not consider myself “into rap/hip-hop”. But the first time I heard Lamb Slain by JGivens I just became completely obsessed with this artist. Not because of the beat necessarily but the way his rapping and the lyrics just work so well together. As my brother says, “he has bars”. Whatever that means lol (as you can see I don’t listen to much hip-hop). I think it suggests he rhymes in a clever way. It was just so rare to find a song that explained Christ and his death so plainly yet so powerfully. I would say this is like an easter song but imagine trying to explain the meaning of easter to Joe down the street. I don’t know. That’s what I thought when I first heard it. There is something so bold and honest about hip-hop in general. I love the fact that a lot of these Christian artists (including JGivens) don’t shy away from proclaiming the truth about Christ while including enjoyable beats in their songs. I won’t try and sell him any further because I personally believe his music speaks for itself.

You can learn more about him on Humble Beast Records (the label he is signed to) where I downloaded for FREE his album El V. Envy. I listened to it exclusively for like two months. You can say I’m obsessed I don’t know why haha!



Rivers & Robots (@riversandrobots)

Indie worship music anyone? To say that I love these guys is an understatement. Legitimately. One word: refreshing. I love worship music so much it just pains me that a lot of what passes for “worship music” these days is so simplistic. I mean does Christ’s love for us not evoke enough emotion in us to write songs that move us and point to Him? I’ll stop myself before this turns into a full on rant. I want to appreciate this group because they get it. Simple lyrics that are about God without simplifying the message. Also they sing scripture! You can just appreciate the truth in the lyrics and affirm what it is they are saying. I can listen to their songs when I want to worship, when I am blogging, on the bus or whenever to be honest. I think that’s what so good about them. The versatility.

You can download their album All Things New for free here.

Favourite song you ask? Why how can I possibly choose. Seriously though, I find myself always listening to Your Love Reaches, Shepherd Of My Soul and We Have Overcome. I equally love those three. The other songs are also really good! You might disagree on the top 3 depending on your musical tastes.

Because I am listening to this right now here is the song:

I hope this post has been beneficial. I love discovering new artists that just do GOOD MUSIC. And when their music is God-glorfying it makes it all the better. I would like to add in closing that I am not trying to portray that my musical tastes are superior or because I listen to artists that are christian I am somehow a super-saint. Not at all. I honestly don’t know why I only listen to music by christian artists/worship now. I somehow stumbled upon The Good Christian Music Blog and then I realized these artists are so dope! Eventually I just started listening to them more and bands like them then other artists just naturally took the backseat.

If you are looking to fill your iTunes with christian music this can at least be a start! For me it wasn’t by force because I believe music is meant to be enjoyed and we should seek to glorify God in all things even what we listen to.

1 Corinthians 10:31 (ESV) So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.