2 Effective ADHD/ADD Study Tips

by SJ

I haven’t been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and honestly I am scared to even see someone about it. That being said, I have always benefited immensely from tips for people with ADHD/ADD because I have terrible concentration problems at times and I get so distracted.

These are the two tips that helped me concentrate to self-study an entire university course in 4 months which was seeming impossible because I just. could. not. focus. No matter how hard I tried! Until I implemented these tips:

  1. Write down everything that pops into your head during studying or focusing on a task in a notebook and keep it on the side of your desk
    • All the random thoughts, questions, to-do lists, fears etc write it ALL down and then forget it
    • Don’t worry because you can look at the book after incase it was important!
    • I studied for 4 hours and I had filled two pages back to back of a small notebook so you can see my mind is constantly racing
  2. Listen to white noise NOT music
    • Listening to music can be a distraction – even if it is instrumental because the melodies will catch your attention and you will start to think about the instruments playing or something else
    • White noise helps to focus the mind and also to distract from the surroundings
    • The one I like is: Epic Thunder Storm because it’s the only one I have found to actually work extremely well for me when I am having problems with focus.

Hope this helps!