Morning Routine

by SJ

Eureka, I think I’ve finally got it!

At laaassssttt (cue Etta James), I have discovered a routine that works for me. I have always loved the concept of being a morning person and the whole idea of waking up at 5:30 am to start your day off blah blah blah but I have never been able to do it, until now.

Lately, what I have been changing is doing my work and studying in the morning so I am inevitably forced to sleep early. I am way more productive it seems when I do my most important brain work in the morning. I love going to the library when it is silent and when I am the only one there. There’s something so calming, comforting and motivating about it. My schedule so far goes like this:

  • 11:00 PM – asleep or at least most definitely in bed
  • 6:30 AM – wake up + stretch
  • 6:45 AM – do devotions + pray
  • 7:00 AM – get dressed; pack bag
  • 7:36 AM – take the bus to school
    • grab a quick snack on the way out to eat in the library
  • 8:10 AM – library; study + complete assignments till first class

This way I ensure I get minimum 7 hours of sleep and I can always get my work done during my most productive time. Thus, in the evenings after class if I am not feeling motivated, I am not going to feel guilty because I have completed the bulk of my tasks earlier in the day.

I love this! I definitely will continue to implement so far as it continues to work. It’s great because 3/5 school days my lectures start at 11 so I have ample time to complete work before then.