Bibles Over Brunch

by SJ

I am starting a new segment on my blog and hopefully eventually in real life called Bibles Over Brunch.

Basically, it is where every month, a group of women read/study/meditate over a book of the Bible alone and then come together at the end of the month and share what was learned, what God has been saying through studying and to share what has been going on over the past month. It will be a way to be supported by other believers and also a way for women to get more into the Word.

Why Bibles Over Brunch?

Well basically I love food and I feel everything is more fun when food is involved! In all seriousness, it helps to foster that feeling of community when you share a meal with someone. Culturally, so many important events happen over sharing a meal: birthdays, weddings, holidays etc. I feel as though this time should be a time of celebration and excitement over what God is teaching us and also about being able to take time to relax, learn and fellowship.

How Will It Work Online?

I have started studying the book of Esther (cliche woman’s group book, yes but I felt I should start there, haha) since October 8th and I will continue till November 8th and then share progressively what I had discovered, what I was challenged about and generally what God was saying to me.

Is this doable?

In reality, we are not too busy for God we just fail to prioritize the reading of God’s word as a “must-do” in the myriad of things we have to do. It is something that often falls by the wayside because there is no deadline per se. This isn’t meant to be another thing to “check off” our list, but it is meant to be a way to joyously engage with the Word of God each month, each week and hopeuflly each day. So yes it is doable!

Keep an eye out in November as I talk about the book of Esther!