101 in 1001

Start: Monday, January 26, 2015

End: Monday, October 23, 2017

The premise of this is to complete 101 goals in 1001 days! I can hardly think of things I want to do in the month but this one is sort of a fun one. Sort of like because its SUCH a long time I feel I’ll write things I’ve always wanted to do but never got around to or have been too lazy.

I was inspired when I first saw this post on Victoria’s Strader’s blog post (obviously haha). I feel like a copy cat but she is awesome and this idea is too too good!

Also, I will endeavour to document each completed task with a photo on my blog and or social media and then deposit $5 into a savings account for each completed task at the end!

In no particular order let’s go:

  1. Find my signature shade of lipstick that I wear everyday
  2. Go to a ballet
  3. Graduate from university (Dec 2015)
  4. Celebrate my dearest friend getting into speech pathology (July 2015)
  5. Get a meaningful tattoo I’ve always wanted (probably in white ink!)
  6. Get a dog
  7. Find my signature scent (March 2015)
  8. Meet my “special someone”
  9. Become completely independent from my parents (Sept 2015)
  10. Figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life
  11. Get to the healthy weight/physique/body size that is right for me
  12. Change my skincare routine to 100 % natural + inexpensive (Sept 2015)
  13. Run a marathon of any length
  14. Learn how to sew
  15. Read the bible chronologically
  16. Make a new close friend
  17. Travel to New York City
  18. Attend a musical
  19. Grow my hair past bra strap length
  20. Decorate for Christmas
  21. Send my mother flowers for her birthday or just because
  22. Learn to drive properly + get my license
  23. Learn to swim properly
  24. Be fluent in French (finally)
  25. Be advanced proficiency in Spanish
  26. Get a French bible
  27. Go on a missions trip
  28. Go on a trip with my best friends from uni
  29. Learn to cook all my favourite nigerian food
  30. Be happy with myself again (Feb 2016)
  31. Visit an old friend
  32. Fix a broken friendship…or two
  33. Travel to a province I have never been to before
  34. Achieve a capsule closet
  35. Get braces (again..sigh)
  36. Attend a concert for one of my favourite bands
  37. Have a home church
  38. Take a cooking class
  39. See a friend come to Christ
  40. Pick up piano playing again
  41. Finish cooking through a cookbook
  42. Take a mother and daughter trip with my mother
  43. Get a blank cookbook as a present and write my own recipes
  44. Blog 7 days in a row
  45. Take a barre class
  46. Fast about something I am trusting God for (Jan 2016)
  47. Watch the sun set in a foreign country
  48. Finish knitting something for a friend
  49. Move into my own apartment completely financed on my own (Sept 2015)
  50. Treat my parents to dinner
  51. Have a day where I spend completely with my brothers doing whatever they want all at the expense of their big sis!
  52. Buy a piece of furniture from the thrift and repurpose it for my (future) apartment
  53. Do something that scares me/grows me/challenges me (Sept 2015)
  54. Finish every book I started but did not get through
  55. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  56. Host a bible study/gathering in my (future) apartment/home
  57. Memorize the book of James in the Bible
  58. Buy coffee for a stranger behind me in line
  59. Learn to be a morning person
  60. Attend a wedding of someone my age or close to it
  61. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in a special way
  62. Go to a nice dinner just me myself and I
  63. Baby sit for someone
  64. Write a list of 10 positive things about myself
  65. Help declutter/organize my parents’ house
  66. Help my friend to declutter/re-organize her room + donate things she doesn’t need! (Aug 2015)
  67. Pass a DELF examination (French proficiency)
  68. Sponsor a child that I write to and keep in contact with
  69. Write a future letter to my husband
  70. Go processed sugar free for good
  71. Travel anywhere alone
  72. Learn how to make a delicious healthy vegan dessert
  73. Go on a date (I hate dates but you never know!)
  74. Do operation Christmas Child at Christmas
  75. Have a small but functional garden in the summer
  76. Take Photo Booth photos (March 2015)
  77. Read at least 3 books on courtship + 3 on marriage
  78. Renew my passport finally (Aug 2015)
  79. Join a book club
  80. Attend a food festival (July 2015)
  81. Start a French blog
  82. Try a spin class
  83. Purchase a cute bike
  84. Purchase a really girly/A-line dress/60s inspired dress that makes me feel like a million bucks
  85. Get a polaroid camera when I move and document the little moments
  86. Scrapbook
  87. Complete my first gratitude journal
  88. Go to a hot yoga class
  89. Make a care pack for a friend when they are sick + visit them
  90. Volunteer as a dog walker
  91. Complete spanish on duolingo
  92. Share my faith with someone when I feel prompted to do so
  93. Straighten my natural hair professionally (yikes!)
  94. Do a cool DIY projet from pinterest
  95. Decorate my (future) apartment for a holiday other than christmas!
  96. Be a mentor to a younger girl
  97. Get a journal that I write in daily
  98. Get a daily planner (March 2015)
  99. Learn to do the splits
  100. Fall in love
  101. Put $5 dollars into a savings account for every goal accomplished at the end of the date

Oh my goodness, this was incredibly hard to do! To think that far ahead for me is hard I hope I will get at least 75% done on this list I will a very happy camper 🙂